May 2, 2017

Breathing life into Hutchinson KS neighborhoods

You may have seen some Hutchinson Healthy Neighborhoods Initiatives signs around town. A couple of newly named neighborhoods -- SW Bricktown and College Grove -- are forming community identities, complete with Facebook pages, events and more as part of the initiative. 


The Hutchinson Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative breathes new life into neighborhoods by promoting them and working to make them attractive areas for new residents to move. Their Facebook page says they can help neighborhoods in the following ways:

  • Begin to organize as a group
  • Identify community resources to help residents improve neighborhood conditions
  • Form a neighborhood identity/name
    Develop an action plan to improve the marketability of your neighborhood

SW Bricktown neighborhood, Hutchinson KS


SW Bricktown and College Grove neighborhoods are already coming together as unique communities. SW Bricktown is currently planning its carnival, which will take place at 5 p.m. Monday, May 8, at Avenue A Elementary. The neighborhood also posted on its Facebook page about a joint effort between Avenue A fourth-graders and Hutch High students to plant a salsa garden. 

The photo above was pulled from the SW Bricktown FB page depicting the effort to create the salsa garden. You can check out the SW Bricktown FB page here

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 College Grove neighborhood, Hutchinson KS

College Grove is in the midst of a fun stencil project that involves volunteers painting a College Grove tree on participating residents' sidewalks and/or driveways.

College Grove also now has a group on NextDoor, an app that helps neighbors connect and share relevant news.

You can see the College Grove FB page here!

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March 21, 2017

Down payment assistance in select Hutchinson, Kansas, neighborhoods

Did you know you could get down payment assistance in select Hutchinson, Kansas, neighborhoods?

The city has created a program geared to help renters become owners in SW Bricktown, College Grove and Houston Whiteside neighborhoods.


The Down Payment Match Inventive Program will provide Reno County renters with matching funds  of 40 percent of down payment and closing costs, or $2,500, whichever is less. 

To apply for the matching funds, you must:

  • Be a Reno County renter
  • Purchase a home in one of teh qualifying neighborhoods (SW Bricktown, College Grove or Houston Whiteside)
  • Be a graduate of Interfaith Housing Services Hutchinson Area Homesbuyers Club program
  • Resident in the purchased home at least 5 years
  • Provide sufficient proof that funds are saved for the remainder of the down payment and closing costs.

Search for homes in qualifying neighborhoods below

College Grove neighborhood 

Houston Whiteside District

SW Bricktown area 

So, how do you participate in the Hutchinson Area Homebuyers Club?

To graduate from the Hutchinson Area Homebuyers Club program, you must complete an online eHomeAmerica Homebuyers Education Course and complete one homeownership counseling session. 

The eHomeAmerica program, a HUD-approved online housing education course, has a one-time $99 registration fee. Counseling can be done in person or via phone with NeighborWorks America-certified homeownership counselors. Additional credit counseling can be provided at no cost. 

Contact Interfaith Housing Services at 620-662-8370, ext. 708, to get more information about fulfilling the requirements of the Down Payment Match program and all its requirements.

You can also read further about the program in a Hutch News article.